Dating can be such an intimidating word, let alone the place where actual dating takes place. It’s even more intimidating if you’re the shy type of guy.

Approaching a woman that you like can be a little bit embarrassing especially if you’re not comfortable with the idea of plunging in to the social dating world. If all these sounds familiar to you and you can relate to it, here are some dating tips for shy guys that can help you strike a good conversation with a woman that you like and eventually get her to have a date with you.

One of the best dating tips for shy guys is choosing the best place to meet women. A lot of men opt for a crowded nightclub as they think this is the best place to meet all the attractive women; actually it’s not. If you are clueless about getting a woman’s attention, it will be more challenging and embarrassing for you to go to a nightclub. You’d probably do better if you choose to go to a peaceful and relaxed place like a library, grocery store or a cafe. The competition is much lesser in these places and it will be a lot easier to ask a woman out if the atmosphere is not loud and crowded.

Another one of the most helpful dating tips for shy guys is having the ability to listen. This is probably a long lost form of dating art. If you are out on a date, take time to listen to what she has to say. Listen to her stories, listen to the things that interest her. If you are worrying about what topics you are going to open when you’re on a date, you can pick up from the things that she says. If she constantly talks about music, then ask her what kind of music she likes and you can share the type of music you like as well. This can keep you conversation smoothly flowing and you can keep her interested too.

If you’re really the shy type, there is nothing wrong in dragging along a good friend to give you support. It doesn’t mean that he would be sitting and mingling with you and your date in one table. He could sit in a table across yours and you can just constantly look at him to get some encouragement and support. This is great for you especially if it is your first date. You friend can help you boost your confidence and can help you stay calmed and focus throughout the date. It’s quite overwhelming to know that you have someone to pull out a great support nearby.

Lastly, do not be afraid to tell a woman that you are the shy type of person. Of course, women understand that men are not the same and some are just really not that type of a lady killer. In fact, some women would appreciate you more if you’re honest to them. If they know that you are a shy guy, they can even help you keep the date alive and interesting.

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