Month: April 2016

What To Focus On During A Date

Dating is a phase where one gets to know the other. It is the phase where two people learn each other’s likes and dislikes, and it is where both decides whether or not to pursue the relationship into a much deeper commitment.

Prepare Yourself

Whether you’re a newbie or not, you have to be prepared when you go out on a date. Washing your face and donning a newly washed shirt is not preparation. Sure it’s just a date, but won’t you like to make a good first impression?

The night before your date, make sure that you are stress-free and relaxed. Get a good night-cap so you will be refreshed the following day, giving you the “glow”. If your date is scheduled for the evening, don’t hesitate to lie down and take a nap for an hour or two. A relaxed mind would help you stay alert and focused.

Take a good long bath, soaking your worries away, and embed in your mind that you will have a good time.

Know Why You Are Dating

When you go out on a date, you should know the reason/s why you do. Do you like the person you are going out on a date with? After the first date, what’s going to happen?

If you do not know why you are going out on a date, then you are just wasting your time and making a fool out of yourself, so why bother? It’s useless and pointless going out with someone you don’t like. Instead of doing that, why not call up your friends and hang out with them? Makes sense, right?

Reality Check

If you want to date a gorgeous girl, won’t you make an effort to make your personality gorgeous too? Remember, the first date is always important because it is where the rest of the dates come from. Present yourself in a manner that the other person would look forward to have another date with you.

Be Open, But Not Too Open

Many people focus on intimacy and sex, even just on their first date. Of course, when you two feel good about being with each other that might spark things up. But isn’t it a great idea to hold off just a little bit and focus more on the getting to know part? Talk openly, share ideas with each other. Don’t focus in tearing up each other’s clothes, and try to keep your hands to yourself. That way, as a guy, you are letting your date know that you know what respect is.

A Date Is Never A Commitment

Just because you had fun last Saturday night, that already gives you the right to get mad at him when you see him talking and laughing with another girl on Monday morning. Remember, you just went out on a date and enjoyed the night. You never talked about getting into a commitment. That date does not make him your property, so pretty much he’s still free to talk with other girls. And of course have a date with them too.

Dating is a way of knowing a person, and most of the time, this is the phase where we one can find someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with. These helpful tips would come in handy when one is looking at a long-term relationship. Respect is vital. Once given, it is returned and well appreciated.

Start using these dating tips on your next date. You’ll see the difference.

Tips for Men to Find the Right Woman for You

get-over-him-tips-7Are you frustrated with the dating scene? Do you want to attract a beautiful caring woman into your life or do you simply want to date around and have some fun? Regardless, before you give up, there are some things you can do that will improve your chances of connecting with the woman or women you want and help you find someone that is right for you. Here are the three best tips for finding and attracting the women:

1. Use online dating services.

For some, online dating services still have a stigma. Some have heard all the horror stories out there and think that you couldn’t possibly find great dates online. Then there’s the technologically unsavvy who just aren’t sure what to do.

There are many great and reputable dating sites available, and some are even free. You can even find dating sites that are related to specific niches like race or military, and these are only a few of the niche sites available.

It’s easy to get started. All you have to do is sign up for an account. Many of these sites offer tons of dating tips to help you get started and create a great dating profile as well as learn how to connect with women you want to connect with.

2. Get your act together.

The thing that guys don’t want to hear is that we attract what we are. If you’re struggling financially, or you have an addiction or other problems, this is exactly the type of women you will attract. If you want to attract the right woman, you must first be what she will find attractive. Women want men who are mentally and financially stable. It’s the way they’re programmed. Guys want women who make them feel calm, happy and safe.

If you’re not attracting the type of woman you want, then maybe it’s time to take an honest look at your life and then evaluate where you’re really at. If your finances aren’t in order, or you need to a better job, then work on fixing those things. It may take some time especially if you have neglected those things. Maybe you need to work on your appearance or deal with some type of addiction. If so, then do it because it’s the only way to get the woman that is really right for you.

3. Set a high value for yourself.

Self esteem is an issue for both men and women. Guys want a woman that knows her worth. At the same time, if you want the right woman to value you, then you need to first value yourself. That means working on your self esteem if you need to. I know it’s not easy. At the same time it is worth it because just like getting your life together will help you attract the right women, so will having value for yourself.

That’s not to say you won’t attract those who aren’t good for you. We all do that. The value of having high self esteem is that you will be able to recognize when a woman isn’t good for you and avoid getting involved with her in the first place.

Simple Tips to Get the Girl of Your Dreams

Dating can be such an intimidating word, let alone the place where actual dating takes place. It’s even more intimidating if you’re the shy type of guy.

Approaching a woman that you like can be a little bit embarrassing especially if you’re not comfortable with the idea of plunging in to the social dating world. If all these sounds familiar to you and you can relate to it, here are some dating tips for shy guys that can help you strike a good conversation with a woman that you like and eventually get her to have a date with you.

One of the best dating tips for shy guys is choosing the best place to meet women. A lot of men opt for a crowded nightclub as they think this is the best place to meet all the attractive women; actually it’s not. If you are clueless about getting a woman’s attention, it will be more challenging and embarrassing for you to go to a nightclub. You’d probably do better if you choose to go to a peaceful and relaxed place like a library, grocery store or a cafe. The competition is much lesser in these places and it will be a lot easier to ask a woman out if the atmosphere is not loud and crowded.

Another one of the most helpful dating tips for shy guys is having the ability to listen. This is probably a long lost form of dating art. If you are out on a date, take time to listen to what she has to say. Listen to her stories, listen to the things that interest her. If you are worrying about what topics you are going to open when you’re on a date, you can pick up from the things that she says. If she constantly talks about music, then ask her what kind of music she likes and you can share the type of music you like as well. This can keep you conversation smoothly flowing and you can keep her interested too.

If you’re really the shy type, there is nothing wrong in dragging along a good friend to give you support. It doesn’t mean that he would be sitting and mingling with you and your date in one table. He could sit in a table across yours and you can just constantly look at him to get some encouragement and support. This is great for you especially if it is your first date. You friend can help you boost your confidence and can help you stay calmed and focus throughout the date. It’s quite overwhelming to know that you have someone to pull out a great support nearby.

Lastly, do not be afraid to tell a woman that you are the shy type of person. Of course, women understand that men are not the same and some are just really not that type of a lady killer. In fact, some women would appreciate you more if you’re honest to them. If they know that you are a shy guy, they can even help you keep the date alive and interesting.

What Every Man Should Know to Get a Girl

Many men effectively catch a woman’s breaths on their first dates. You may wonder how they do it and make it appear so easy. You can be one of these men too. All you need are some guy dating tips to make sure you have ample preparation for that big night.

First, look for the potential woman. Search the scene for available girls. This is a vital part because you want to select the girl with the best compatibility features with you. Do not ask a girl just because she has perfect physical features. When the date is a search for a long time partner, features of compatibility, responsibility, and commitment are considered. A date should have some common interests with you. The whole night will turn out to be a disaster if both of you have different mind levels. A wise date selection almost always ends up in a pleasurable engagement. For sex, girls with big cup bras, slim waists, and sexy eyes can be easy choices. For dates, they are not wise choices. Possible sources of potential dates include bars, clubs, workplace, church, speed dating events, and online dating sites.

Preparation is the next consideration. Guys should put on effort to appear pleasing. Girls will go out with any guy who is presentable. Add to the physical preparation, you must outline possible topics you will talk about during the course. You don’t want to end having a silent dinner for hours. Think of subjects that will enliven the conversation.

Be presentable. These guy dating tips are futile if you neglect the importance of proper attire on dates. A safe attire will be slacks and polo. For non-formal dates, jeans (not tattered) and polo will do. You must aim to smell clean. Fight body odor by using deodorant and toothbrush. Splash some mild cologne.

Reserve a recommended restaurant that suits your budget. Make sure that it is clean and it serves acceptable food. The best practice is to check the diner yourself. Try the restaurant days before the date. If you have issues, select another restaurant.

Relax yourself during the date. Blunders in dates are normal. If a minimal blunder happens, brush it aside and learn to make humor out of it. Talk to your date in your normal self. Avoid appearing too arrogant or too soft-spoken. Learn to be yourself and be confident in everything you do. Confidence will be evident all throughout the date.

Pamper your date. It is your responsibility to know if your date is comfortable or not. Her face will be evident of her feelings towards the whole date.

After the night, give her flowers and thank her for the wonderful night you have experienced. This is also the cue when you tell her you are interested in a second date. Appreciate her effort regardless of the date’s outcome.

There are probably more guy dating tips that are not written here. When you want to hone your dating skills even better, ask advice from successful daters. These people might be your parents, relatives, or friends.