Month: March 2016

How to Make Great Conversation Easy

These first date tips are written based on several years of experience of coaching clients, and going on dates myself. Ok, so you’re on your first date with someone who you potentially like. Make sure to keep the conversation light and informal. Think of the things you’d say to a friend. Think of it as, “I’m getting to know the other person before we can get intimate”. The key is to remain relaxed, and not think too much of what you’re going to say. Here are some first date tips for men conversation ideas:

First date tips for men – Topics to talk about:

– Highlights from your life. This should be the most interesting stuff that has happened to you over the course of the past week. It can have a “Seinfeld” type of style to it. Little observations can be really funny if your delivery is good.

– Interesting stories of yours. I’ve traveled a bunch when I was younger, so I can talk about my travels for hours. This is good because it will let her open up about interesting stories from her life as well. Don’t fake interest (women are really good at knowing when you’re genuinely interested and when you’re not).

– Your passions. This is an awesome first date tip for men. I love discussing my big dreams and ambitions with women. This lets me rate them as a potential partner as well. If someone doesn’t think big, I can’t see myself being in a long term relationship with them.

– Horoscopes/Superstitious stuff. This is like crack for girls. They love this type of soul mate stuff. I’m not huge on it, but I know a little bit here and there so I can hold my own. If you want something really easy to rely on, just use this. The above points are generally better for establishing comfort though.

First date tips for men – Topics to avoid:

– Don’t discuss technical topics/sports (unless she’s into them). Most women will find this type of conversation boring. You definitely don’t want your date to be bored if you’re trying to hook up later on. For more advice on what to do to seal the deal when it comes down to it, visit Best Dating Manual (link below).

– Negative things about yourself. This is pretty straight forward. You want to throw in a couple of negatives that she will have as well (your room is messy, you’re sensitive, etc).

– Don’t talk about her past boyfriends on the first date. This can lead down the road leading to her either liking them, or feeling down because they mistreated her.

Online Dating Tips For the Old

20140411012019674207For singles looking for love but don’t have time to go to bars or hit the singles scene there is hope for you. Online dating is a popular and accepted way to meet people from the safety of your home. Millions of people go online everyday looking for that special someone. In the next few minutes we will give you some dating tips that will help you find true love online.

One of our first online dating tips is to look for an dating web site that caters to the people with the same interests as you have. Look for one that has a large membership. The more members the dating web site has the better your chances of finding romance. One drawback to a large membership is the possible date you find may live in another part of the country. Large dating sites are likely to charge you a hefty fee to join.

Next in our online dating tips is to pick which type of dating site you want to join. Do you want to join one that charges a membership fee or do you want to join one that is totally free? Fee based online dating sites will let you join and look at members profiles but you will not be able to contact them. Totally free online dating sites lets you join and search members’ profiles and contact the ones you are interested in.

Whether you choose a fee based dating website or a totally free online dating website, there are some online dating tips that will help you. When you fill out your profile be as honest as possible. By honestly describing your likes and dislikes, the sports you enjoy, the activities you like to participate in, will give a complete and accurate picture of yourself. This will ensure the dating website finds the best possible match for you.

We have some additional online dating tips that will help you find your true love. Make your profile as appealing as possible, use catchy phrases and avoid being boring. Be original and innovative as possible in your profile to make it unique. When describing your likes and dislikes be as passionate as you want, don’t be afraid to let people know the real you.

The following online dating tips work online as well as in person. When describing yourself don’t brag about how much money you make or what kind of car you drive. Don’t stretch the truth about the type of job you have and don’t lie about your age. Be open and honest about yourself

3 Helpful Dating Tips For Dating Again After Divorce

Dating again after a divorce is so different than dating for singles already in the swing of things in the dating game. If you are recently divorced, you might be feeling you want to start dating again. However, how long has it been since you were last on a first date? Has it been several years? Are you feeling out of touch with the current singles world? And now that you want to date again after receiving your divorce decree, where can you meet other singles your age? Here are 3 helpful dating tips for divorcees to get back into dating again after your divorce.

Dating Tip #1: Do Start Slow

Do be gentle with yourself and don’t aim to go on a 10 dates in 2 weeks. This is not the sorority or fraternity competitive dating days anymore. You do want to make sure you are meeting a lot of other people. While you will eventually want to go on a number of dates, venture back into dating gently. A great way to start is to attend cocktail and dinner parties at friends’ houses. You will start to meet other singles casually that way.

Dating Tip #2: Do Start a Lot of Conversation

You want to start a lot of comfortable conversations. While you are online at the deli counter getting your lunchtime sandwich just ask the people in front of you and behind you what they are getting. You can then ask them what they like and what they recommend there. As you practice poised, confident, and comfortable small talk conversations with strangers, you are practicing date conversations without the social pressure of a first date.

Dating Tips #3: Do Flirt

Before you even venture out on your several first dates, you want to simply start practicing flirting. How are your Body Flirting Signal skills? Wherever you go, just start practicing light harmless flirting with the other people. You can practice this with cute girl who serves you your grande drip coffee in the morning. And you can lightly banter and flirt with the butcher who packages up your lamb chops at the grocery store.

By going slowly, practicing small talk conversations, and lightly flirting often, you’ll develop your dating confidence after your divorce. Then when you meet someone you want to date, you’ll be already to date with success.

How to Find Great Dating Tips For Teen Guys

There is no doubt about it; there is probably no one that is going to argue the fact that dating as a teenager is both a thrill and a challenge all at the same time. The thing is though, the more and more information the teenager has, the better their chances at having a successful and fun time dating.

While dating this young is not to be looked at as though they are trying to find a mate for life, there is a lot to be learned from it all. The more information or dating tips for teen guys that your son has available to them, the better time they will have and the more they will learn over all.

Dating tips for teen guys is a great thing to read and learn from because this type of teen dating advice for guys usually comes from the past experiences of other people. It is the experience, the trials or errors, and such that makes for excellent dating tips for teen guys.

With experience comes knowledge and while there are always going to be life lessons that have to be learned from their own personal mistakes, some things can be avoided by learning what other people did and how it affected them.

How To Find the Right Advice from The Right Source

You really do want to make sure that the advice you are handing your son is good advice so that he is not led down the wrong path. Dating tips for teen guys should always be examined and read through by the parents before it is handed off to the teenager. This is only to prevent bad information being placed in the hands of the teen. There is enough false information floating around in the halls of the high school that you do not want to add to it by giving bad dating tips for teen guys.

Website and Blogs

If you are really in need of some advice to give your son, there are plenty of websites and blogs out there that are dedicated to giving dating tips for teen guys. These sites are meant to make the dating years a little more comfortable for what is already an awkward enough time in their lives.

Again, just make sure that you read it all over very good before giving the dating tips for teen guys to your son to read, because you want to help their dating experience, not hinder it or make it worse.