Month: January 2016

4 Basic Dating Rules to Attract Your Date

Are you not getting a call from your date? Do you think you screwed up on your date? Do you want your next date to be perfect? Are you looking for effective dating tips for women? Dating tips are important if this is your first time to go out on a date and/or if you want your next date to be successful. You have to start with the basics. So what will your focus be? How can you make a good impression?

Preparing yourself before going out on a date takes an hour or two. You have to make sure you look great so you can easily attract your date. But if you have been reading dating tips for women, you know for a fact that your physical appearance is not the only thing that you need to prepare for. If you want a perfect date and if you want this guy to call you after this evening, you need to learn the basics of dating.

Your first date doesn’t have to be very embarrassing. Here are some of the basic rules when it comes to dating. Follow these rules and experience a perfect date.

Tip #1: Pay Attention to Your Looks

No matter how much your income is, make sure to always look at your best. There are a lot of inexpensive dresses you can buy. You don’t need to wear branded dress or expensive perfumes. You don’t have to wear expensive perfumes either. All you need is a dress that will perfectly show your curves, a sweet perfume, a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a comfortable pair of shoes. Knowing how to carry yourself in this outfit is also a must.

Tip #2: Be Wise in Making Conversation

It’s normal to be very excited and shy on your first date. But to make sure that your date will not be bored, you have to open a small talk. Although it’s very important to get to know each other, it’s not necessary to give him all the information about yourself. Keep the information you don’t necessarily have to divulge; doing this will make him want to know you more. Thus, you will hear from him as soon as you get home.

Tip #3: Don’t be Too Available

One of the effective dating tips for women is to keep your man waiting. If he is very interested, he will definitely ask you out before the evening ends or the first time he calls you. Don’t be too available. If he’s free on Saturday, for instance, then say you’re free on Wednesday.

Tip #4: Don’t Sleep with Him Just Yet

Never sleep with a man on your first date especially if you know that he is interested in you. Let him chase you and make him fall in love. Sleep with him only if you’re sure that he has deeply fallen in love with you.

These dating tips for women work not only for dating newbies, but also to other women who are tired of being rejected. If you like the guy in the other table, you can approach him and use what you’ve learned to attract him.

What to Talk About on a First Date

Many dating tips deal with where to go on a first date and with what to wear. However, communication during that first date is just as important. For those who are not accustomed to going out or who recently came out of a long-term relationship, it can be hard to come up with something to talk about. Of all the tips available, those that help you to get to know your date are the most important. A great relationship starts with a great first date, so here are a few tips to make that first conversation special:

1. Ask questions about your date’s life. How many siblings your date has, your date’s favorite foods and your date’s favorite kinds of movies are all appropriate first date conversations. They show that you are taking an interest in your date as a person, which is important if you look forward to spending a lot of time together.

2. Avoid conversations about past relationships-yours or your dates. Most dating tips include this same word of advice for good reason. Whether your last relationship went really well, or did not turn out so well, your date does not want to know about it. If your last relationship was so wonderful, your new love interest might feel the need to measure up. If it was not so great, there is the risk of sounding bitter. Follow this dating tip, and avoid that kind of conversation altogether.

3. Ask what your date does in his or her spare time. This will allow you to not only get to know the person better by seeing if the two of you have common interests, but it will also provide great ideas for future dates.

4. Do not monopolize the conversation. This is one of the most important conversation tips to follow. Allow your date enough time to talk about his or her life without interruption, and wait for your date to ask you questions before you start to really open up. In this way, you learn more about your date and you can observe whether he or she is taking as much an interest in you as you are in them.

Finding appropriate and interesting subjects to talk about on a first date can be difficult if you have not been out in a long time. Following these and other dating tips can help you get your next relationship off to a good start.

3 Facts About Women Dating Online

If you really hope to date the woman of your dreams or at least get some women to respond to your dating profile, then I have some online dating tips for you in this article.

The truth is, if you have the right online dating tips about how most women approach dating on the internet, you increase your odds of attracting women.

So here are 3 facts about how most women approach internet dating. Keep these online dating tips close to you and you should have no problem attracting women to your profile.

Women Don’t Wish to Look Too Blunt Online

Before you go thinking that women like to reveal as little as possible about themselves online because they are too proud, it’s not true. They just don’t want to appear too blunt online. And that’s the first of the 3 online dating tips for you.

Women like to be approached, teased and flirted with before they decide to go on a date with someone. So while men will write what they want in their dream girls and what they can offer, women aren’t like that.

So how does this help you? It’s to let you know that you shouldn’t despair if women don’t respond to your dating profile. Instead, learn how to put up an attractive profile to lure them.

Another fact about women is this. Some won’t join a dating site until they browse through some profiles of men on that site. And when they do see a man they can potentially hook up with, only then will they be willing to join that site to make contact.

That gives you another reason to learn how to put up an attractive profile, doesn’t it?

Women Approach Men Who Stand Out

This second of the 3 online dating tips that I will reveal tells you that if you want women to respond to you, you must stand out from the other men.

So learn to write something different on your profile that will catch women’s attention.

Statements with the word “because” tend to stand out, so use it. Don’t just say you like something. Explain the reason behind it.

For example, you can say “I love magic tricks because they are always full of surprises and they spice up a boring day”. A woman reading it will know you love surprises that brighten up your day.

Not only does that give a woman the insight of how you are like, but also if you’re potentially someone whom she’ll want to date.

Women Approach Men Who Are Specific

Don’t leave women guessing, period! That’s the final of the 3 online dating tips you need to know. So besides writing about what you have to offer in your dating profile, don’t forget to include what you want in a woman you wish to date.

Women don’t like to waste their dates on men who will never spend more than 1 short date with them, so you need to help them weed out the men they don’t want to approach.

That creates a win-win situation because you won’t waste the time of the women who don’t suit you, and you don’t waste your time dating women who aren’t right for you.

With the right online dating tips, you can understand how women date online and how to take advantage of it to increase your odds of finding the right woman.

Tips to Make Your Date a Success

what-to-wear-on-first-date-300x300Before implementing tips given in this article, you might consider the likes and dislikes of your date. These are safest and most effective first date tips for men. The tips are non-intimidating allowing you to find out more about the preferences of your lady. This can be a delicious dinner at a restaurant or watching a popular show. Make your first date a success by choosing the most related ideas that will be most likely to work in your specific situation. Keep in mind that following these tips properly, chances are that your date will never face failure.

Dating tips are not restricted to location only. You need to take scores of factors into account to impress your date. Apart from location, you might consider factors, such as token, clothing and predetermined actions. Scores of first date tips suggest acting naturally. Just be yourself and never try to pretend. Use the following dating tips in order to do the right things when you are with your date. Just keep on reading to uncover the tips.

Keep It Simple and Keep It Real

A lot of first date tips that have proved successful involve sincere or genuine sharing. There is no need to book a costly venue or plunk down a tidy sum of money to purchase flowers to woo your date. You can easily impress her by talking to her in a lovely and engaging way. Just talk about you woman only and avoid talking about other girls. Do not even mention other girls or even film actresses. It is your first date and she will want you to talk about her only.

Be Ready to answer her questions

One of the most effective dating tip is that you should consider is that you need to prepare yourself to answer personal as well as intimate questions. Try your level best to answer all questions she will ask as honestly as possible. Some of the questions she may pose can be regarding your earlier relationships or family ties. Keep your answers simple. As it goes, less talk means fewer mistakes. This tip is also helpful when it comes to the question how to approach women successfully.

Answer Straightforwardly; Listen to What She Wants To Say

Be truthful while talking to her. Your actions and way of speaking express how you actually feel. One-sided conversation can have a negative impact on the success of your first date. The flow of your conversation should be smooth. There are scores of topics you can talk about. For example, you can talk about favorites like movie, book, music and food. You can also talk about your interests as well, such as reading and coin collecting.

Give Her a passionate Kiss

You can also give her a passionate kiss provided she allow you to do so. You can give her something she may include forward to. This will definitely impress her.

Aside from these, there are scores of ideas you may find very useful on your first date. It is always better to take into account what your woman likes and dislikes. If you can satisfy her expectations, she will be most likely to keep meeting you.